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Attn: Stressed out & out of shape entrepreneur & business professionals...

change the course of your life!

The Do The Work® Challenge | Evolution will create the body you can be proud of so you can feel confident in any situation, all without fasting,  juicing, starving yourself, or counting macros. 

"This challenge isn't a quick fix to a weight problem, its a life changing experience!"

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"Learn to conquer your health & business Targets while strengthening your relationships in just 30 days."



"...This is It, this is the Secret to a Happy and Healthy Life"

When did you think it was okay to settle?

Before, You were:

  • Healthy
  • Ambitious
  • Full Of Life
  • ​Full Of Joy
  • ​Goal Driven
  • ​Focused And Intentional

Slowly, you began losing yourself:

  • You Got Married...
  • You Had Children...
  • You Gave Up On Your Goals...
  • ​You Gave Up On Your Career…
  • ​You Gave Up On Yourself.

You got comfortable:

  • Gained A Few Pounds.
  • You Become Self-Conscious.
  • ​Lost Your Confidence.
  • ​You Stopped Living Life.

You’re on the edge...

You can no longer tolerate the disdain for how bad you let it get. 

Instead of doing something about it, you fall back to what brings you comfort... overeating and over drinking, indulging in anything and everything!

You can’t keep living life like this. You've sacrificed so much and never considered yourself.

Your health is a reflection of your relationships, life, and priorities… a ticking time bomb. 

Things must change! 

  • You want to be fit, but you're tired all the time and don't know where to start. 
  • Your weight gain is affecting your confidence and social life. You don't want others to see you like this, so you avoid family and friends.
  • ​You want to lose weight but are desperately needing help!
  • ​You hate the sight of the cellulite that has taken a permanent home up and down your legs and stomach. 
  • You're embarrassed to be naked in front of your spouse. You have little to no desire for physical connection. 
  • ​You feel disgusted that you let it get this far. 
  • ​Your business is suffering because of your lack of confidence. You find yourself adjusting your clothes in meetings and feel like everyone is judging you. 
  • You know what to do, but can't get yourself around to doing it. 

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A letter From Coach Carla

Here you are again... another year and another disappointment. You are right back to where you started. You lost weight but regained it all back and then some. 

Now you're feeling depressed, frustrated, and mad at yourself. Asking yourself the same self defeating question, "How could I let this happen...again?"

You've tried everything, including diet and exercise. Only to be disappointed when you gain all the weight back. 

"It's hard to stay consistent with my busy schedule," you think to yourself. When you get home all you want to do is go to bed feeling exhausted. 

You can't control yourself around food, you lack consistency, motivation, and fall further into a slump of hopelessness. 

You've eaten your way through boredom, stress, depression, and anxiety. Heck you've eaten yourself through happy moments and celebration. Everything in your life has revolved around the indulgence of food and your body shows it.  

You’re not happy with how you look and feel… in fact, with summer right around the corner, you're feeling nervous and anxious, too embarrassed to be in a swimming suit.

You owe it to yourself to stop this madness. Things will not get better, your confidence and health will continue to slip into oblivion. You will gain more weight and lose more confidence. 

It's time to prioritize yourself and your health and...

Learn exactly what to eat and when to eat it.

Get direction and guidance to know what to do, and when to do it.

I'm here to help you get there. You will not fail under my program. Too much is riding on the line. 
- Coach Carla

The DTW Community

Apply Now! Challenge begins Soon. 

Awaken the beast inside of you. 

  • Live Powerfully
  • Be Confident
  • ​Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life
  • ​Make More Money
  • ​Create Passionate Relationships

Become a Role model 

"Yes, you are proud of your kids, but are your kids proud of you?"

You don't have to feel lost. You can be both a powerful mom and business woman.

Take the proactive Approach. Don't let "neglect" decide that fate for you.

How is the DTW Challenge Evolution Different?

Here is the difference between my DTW Challenge | Evolution and a fad diet, keto, juicing, and other trainers.

They only focus on losing weight. If you lose weight too fast, you will have loose and undesirable skin hanging off your your arms, legs, and belly. 

I focus on proper nutrition and lean muscle composition. My goal is to give men a broad chest and shoulders and women an hour glass figure and lifted booty. 😊

I focus on maintaining and building muscle while losing fat. Your body won't look exhausted and depleted, but rather like an athlete.

I've simplified this process... There is no guess work!

I'll tell you -

  •  What Foods To Eat
  • ​When To Eat
  • ​How Much To Eat

DTW App does it all

  • What Exercises To Do
  • ​Videos On How To Do Them
  • ​How Many Reps & Sets To Do

Here is the best part:

  • Weekly Meetings
  • ​Private Community
  • ​Direct Access To Coach Carla
  • DTW® Challenge Community: You will be taking this journey with a small group of individuals that are determined to make permanent changes to their lives just like you. 
  • ​​Personalized Fitness Training: Learn all the methodologies necessary to get your body into optimal shape. Receive specific workout plans with detailed instructions for each workout. All workouts will require a gym membership.
  • Meal Structure & Planning: Develop healthy and consistent eating habits including exactly what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat it. The Meal Plan is natural and healthy. No Juicing, No Strange or Harmful Supplements.
  • Weekly Meetings: ​Participate on weekly meetings to further develop your understanding of proper exercise and nutrition. You will learn more about food in the first 30 days than you have your entire life. 

Amazing Results in as little as 30 Days!

See the Transformations of past Challenges


"I was so tired of how I felt and being uncomfortable in my clothes."

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The 90 Day Journey

Here's how the challenge breaks down

Phase 1 | Detox

(Day 1-30)

  • Remove all processed food. Approved food list provided. 
  • ​Shed Fat - Strip excess fat while maintaining muscle mass.
  • ​Rewire Mind to identify habits and behaviors that have held you back from your health goals. 

Phase 2 | Foundation

(Day 31-60)

  • Re-introduced foods back into your body. Identify the foods that work for and against you.
  • ​Begin to contour your body into the V Shape for men and Hour Glass Shape for women. 
  • Lean muscle building through compound and unilateral exercises.

Phase 3 | Lifestyle

(Day 61-90)

  • Compound on the results of Phase II (Reps + Nutrition)
  • ​Dial in specific body parts for body contouring goals.
  • Lifestyle habits created. You'll know how to sustain and evolve your results moving forward. 


Ongoing | Infinite

(Day 91-180)

  • Sustain and improve the results you got from the first 90 days. 
  • ​Break the cycles of your past. Solidify your results permanently. 
  • Only those that have completed the first 90 days are invited to join Infinite. 


Document your progression throughout the challenge


"I am THE BEST at getting results! 

I know that and hundreds of my clients know that too. 

Now… I want YOU to know that. 

I’m so confident that this will be an absolute life changing experience for you that I am offering you a Personal Satisfaction Guarantee. 

If you get to the end of this challenge and you feel as though you didn’t get the level of knowledge, direction, or RESULTS that are equal or superior to the investment you put in financially, I will personally write you a check with a full refund. 

You have no risk. 

You have nothing to lose but the fat around your body, mind, and business."

Results That Last!

Here are a few of the individuals that have been in my program for 90+ Days.

Listen to what this past participant has to say about her experience.

What Carla's past clients have to say


Apply Now! Challenge begins Soon. 

Meet Your Coach

Carla Araujo gained national notoriety as an IFBB Pro bodybuilder and Inc Magazine's Fastest Growing Companies as President of A.Z. & Associates.

In early 2021 Carla set out to bring her knowledge in fitness, nutrition and self care to the masses when she kicked off the first DTW® Challenge Evolution. 

Challenging an industry of supplementation, fasting, and unhealthy dieting to get "fast results". Coach Carla's program introduced a simple approach to proper nutrition and exercise.

With 350+ life changing results from California to New York the success rate of Carla's program is Undeniable.

Behind The Scenes With Coach Carla

 What To Expect Of The DTW® Challenge | Evolution

Don’t Just Take My Word For It… Check Out What This Challenge has Already Done For Hundreds Of Others Just Like You!

Apply Now! Challenge begins Soon.  

Challenge Requirements

 You must watch all online meetings. Guidelines and ground rules will be set.

 You must join a gym. Get out of your comfort zone. 

  You must be willing to be a student. You must apply the principles taught in this challenge.

  You must be willing to radically change your perspective on food. 

 No alcohol of any kind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What this Challenge Has to offer You

  • 90 Days of Personalized Workouts ($10,000 Value when compared to the hourly rate of a personal trainer over 90 days)
  • ​Bonus 90 Days of DTW® Infinite (Valued at $1200)
  • Access To The DTW® Training App ($1100 Value) 
  • Initial launch meeting with Coach Carla (Valued at $1,250)
  • ​Weekly Virtual Meeting Regarding Nutrition & Fitness ($3000 Value)
  • ​Weekly Physical Evaluations ($749 Value)
  • ​In-depth and  Precise Nutrition Planning Augmented for each phase of the challenge ($1500 Value)
  • ​2 DTW Challenge Shirts ($50 Value)
  • DTW Branded Leg Band ($30 Value)
  • ​1 DTW Hat ($25 Value)
  • Full Body Transformation (Priceless)


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a quick word of advice.

"STOP going on crazy diets only to go back to eating junk food within a month, or getting to the gym every day for a couple weeks before giving it up! 

STOP overwhelming yourself by setting unrealistic goals.

Just do what is required everyday REPETITION & NUTRITION. It’s your mind that feeds your mouth. Control your mind to control your bad habits."

-Carla Araujo

"STOP going on crazy diets only to go back to eating junk food within a month, or getting to the gym every day for a couple weeks before giving it up! 

STOP overwhelming yourself by setting unrealistic goals.

Just do what is required everyday REPETITION & NUTRITION. It’s your mind that feeds your mouth. Control your mind to control your bad habits."

-Carla Araujo

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