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I kept pushing forward, attending every show; going, changing my physique, changing my bathing suit.

I spent thousands of dollars on my suits, my heels, on everything; my training, EVERYTHING!

I kept pushing forward, kept pushing forward, but there was no way I was ever going to win because my ENEMY was so much STRONGER than I was. 

She was building over the years all of that strength that she needed to PULL ME BACK! That enemy was ME! It was me. I DID that to myself. I FAILED to believe in myself.

I failed to feel alive, to OWN UP to what I worked so hard for every...single...show. I failed, and the enemy was me. And she was only getting stronger because I kept BUILDING these sad ass stories. POOR ME. 

Everyone else around was to BLAME; except me.

I didn't care what anybody thought of me; I was going to go up on that stage and wave and blow kisses, and I am not going to get SHIT!.

So, I did precisely that. Something DEEP inside of me had to come out. It wasn't easy to say that and then I win, it wasn't that easy. It was years of PREPARATION, of FAILURES and feeling UNCOMFORTABLE.

It was years for me to step back up on stage and say,” I GOT THIS! I AM DONE.” 

There are steps that you take to get there and never look back. There are times that you will take a little step back, but you won't last because you will become too POWERFUL for your enemy.
I get there, I stand strong and I WIN the whole show; I wave, I blow kisses and I am OUT. 

I get off stage, and it gets WORSE. I wasn't meant to win to feel COMFORTABLE. To appreciate my win just yet; there was a PURPOSE and a reason that I won.

It wasn't to win and feel comfortable and walk off with that crown and the roses. It wasn't for any of that; it was the step I needed to feel UNCOMFORTABLE. To go through all of that UGLINESS to get to this point in my life. 

I remember while I was doing that show, how great it would be to one day stand on this stage and EMPOWER other women, through my story. How can I get there if I can't even stand up to these bright lights and claim my win? Appreciate all of my hard work; who am I to own a stage like this? I MADE ALL of that possible. I took a RISK, beat the hell out of my enemy, and I WON!

Losing yourself in the commodity of being a Mom and a wife is a real thing. Waiting for the “What Now,” can cause you to wake up one day and not have a clue who you are or what you should be doing. Attending the Do the Work Women's Event with Carla Araujo on April 26th and 27th can bring on that breakthrough that will answer the question of what now. Stop waiting and get up, show up and be that powerhouse that you know you are. Your kids, your partner, your employees, someone is watching you; what are they seeing?

I was reminded by a phone call today about how I never used to put myself out there on Instagram. I had an account but would be afraid to post even a picture of my dog or kids because I didn't want to be judged. 

I was so concerned with how I might be received by other people that I let it stop me. It all changed when I started to Facebook Live videos, especially when I opened up about my depression and anxiety.

 I went all in, raw and real, and I held nothing back. It gave me the confidence I needed to be who I am today. When I finally let go of the stories and lies in my head that I believed, I was able to embrace me; I am Carla Araujo, and I am proud of who I am and how far I have come. 

Having the courage to trust your partner with an accident you made, big or small, takes confidence. That confidence comes from knowing that no matter what happens, you are on the same page and have the same end-game in mind. Storing up the mistakes your mate makes to use as an arsenal of defense, can only lead to miscommunication and blame. Stop putting your relationship in jeopardy by focusing on the trivial things that come up. You aren't going to say anything that they aren't already telling themselves. This is what makes the family dynamic work. It's not instilling the insanity of perfection, because that leads to chaos. 
Navigating the Storm | DTW
Going through ups and downs in your marriage is a reality; but how you weather the storm, navigating your way through it is a sign of growth. When one spouse hides their feelings of self-doubt, fear, depression, and anxiety, the other spouse can read this as something entirely different. It is important to communicate when you are down and need space to get through the dark times. As a partner, you also need to know when to create that space and be there when they are ready for support and a listening ear. This will get you to a place of intention, and know where you are going, without sabotaging your growth as a couple or your business.
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Copyright 2018 - DO THE WORK® - All Rights Reserved